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As money-market funds rake in cash, analysts see debt-ceiling risks 

Investors seeking safety and yield should look to more broadly diversified money funds, researchers say

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This cash-cow stock strategy is attracting lots of money. Here are its top 10 picks.

The Pacer U.S. Cash Cows ETF has been a strong performer since the bull market for stocks ended.

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China-focused ETFs drop after country announced growth target near ‘low end’ of market expectations

Exchange-traded funds that buy Chinese stocks were trading down Monday after China announced at its annual legislative session over the weekend a growth target near the low end of market expectations. 

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Looking for stock dividends of 9% to 11%? That’s what these ETF managers are aiming for with an AI-aided strategy.

The JPMorgan Nasdaq Equity Premium Income ETF uses artificial intelligence to help with stock selection. It uses a covered call strategy to pay high dividends.

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‘Psychological safety’ or a ‘culture of fear’: Here are the gains these corporate culture ETFs have seen so far this year

Human capital is a factor that can be scored to potentially drive gains in the stock market, according to Harbor Capital Advisors. 

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‘Curious’ outflows from broad industrial ETFs seen as ‘contrarian bullish’ as aerospace and defense funds attract investors

Investors snub exchange-traded funds broadly focused on the industrial sector, but it’s an area of the stock market that recently has done relatively well on an equal-weighted measure, according to Strategas. 

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ETFs are increasingly ‘mainstream for fast money’ amid rise in options activity tied to exposures in stocks, bonds

Options activity surrounding exchange-traded funds has jumped, as the ETF market evolves to increasingly attract investors engaging in short-term trading strategies or to express their views on stocks and bonds, according ...

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‘Closer to local design and demand’: Engine No. 1 launches Transform Supply Chain ETF in wake of COVID disruptions

Activist fund Engine No. 1 is offering an exchange-traded fund that invests in companies supporting the relocalization of U.S. supply chains in North America, a transformation the firm expects to accelerate as a result of ...

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These money and investing tips can build your portfolio’s offense and defense

Money and investing stories popular with MarketWatch readers over the past week.

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These five-star stock funds can help you play the semiconductor rebound, as well as AI and 5G build-outs

Sylvia Jablonksi of Defiance ETFs describes two investment strategies that include chip makers but also other companies working on cutting-edge technology