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‘Small steps absolutely matter.’ Lack of emergency savings puts retirement at risk.

Without an emergency savings, people are more likely to take loans or withdrawals from their retirement accounts.

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To Some Investors, Banks Look Like Bargains

Some are betting on a rebound in the banking sector, wagering that regional lenders are in much better condition than many initially feared.

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Recession isn’t a guaranteed stock-market crusher, owing to this one truth about volatility and GDP

GDP is an important metric, but not for timing the stock market’s swings, writes Mark Hulbert.

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Dow Industrials Rise as Bank Concerns Ebb

The Dow and S&P 500 climbed after First Citizens agreed to buy much of Silicon Valley Bank, with the health of the banking sector remaining high on investors’ agenda.

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First Republic’s stock rallies as First Citizens deal for Silicon Valley Bank lifts banks

The FDIC announced the purchase of Silicon Valley Bank by First Citizens Bancshares, and First Republic's stock rose on reports of more U.S. support for banks.

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Why would a financial planner team up with a nutrition coach? To attract millennials, of course.

Early-career professionals get expert advice even if they haven’t amassed much wealth.

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The Economy Gets Wrung Out

A steady drip of bad news, including missed earnings and layoffs, is under way.

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What’s Going On With First Republic Bank?

The San Francisco lender is under scrutiny by uninsured depositors across the banking system.

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ESG, ‘dirty money’ and tax benefits: Customized ‘direct-indexing’ portfolios aren’t just for the rich anymore.

How index-fund investors can tailor a values-based approach to portfolio allocation.

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First Republic stock is getting battered. Here’s how the bank’s tailspin started and why it hasn’t stopped.

Silicon Valley venture capitalists and the banking ecosystem around them believe they’re good at spotting risk -- but they missed this one.

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Can Social Security keep pace with high inflation? Maybe not, but you can still fight back.

The 8.7% COLA for Social Security recipients in 2023 may not be not enough to offset rising prices.

First Republic Bank Founder Earned a Big Payday, as Did Family Members

The bank paid a consulting company owned by the founder’s brother-in-law and employed the founder’s son.

Charles Schwab Says It Could Ride Out a Deposit Flight

The brokerage is sitting on sizable long-term debt that has lost value as the Fed has raised rates.

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Ex-Morgan Stanley advisor and three others charged with fleecing NBA players out of $13 million

Darryl Cohen had already been barred from the securities industry after being accused of stealing from Jrue Holiday, Chandler Parsons and Courtney Lee.

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Coinbase’s stock tumbles after SEC warning, Regeneron shares rally, and other stocks on the move

Coinbase, Chewy, Regeneron, Accenture and First Republic were some of the most active shares on Thursday.